Sustainable Coaching

What do I value?

Put your money where your mouth is.  But don’t eat it.

I am dedicated to creating a better world.  I believe that empowered, passionate, happy, and loving people living a fulfilling life affect everything around them in a positive way.  These people recognize that change starts with them, and are therefore always looking for a chance for self improvement.

They are also fully aware of their responsibility to social and environmental sustainability. They want their grandchildren to live a better life, not just financially, but also spiritually.  I work on empowering these kinds of people.

I also work on creating a better environment.  The re:Invigorate office uses as few resources as possible through office day lighting, online documentation rather than printing, refilling and re-using ink cartridges, and the use of post-consumer recycled content paper, among other things.  I then recycle everything left over from the resources I must use.

In addition to being highly conscious of creating and discarding waste, I purchase carbon offsets annually from TerraPass, Inc to make up for the inevitable energy usage that stems from most offices.

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