“Refreshing.  Empowering.  Ready-for-Action-ing”

  • Need somebody who speaks “kickass entrepreneur” fluently?
  • Want them to be able to rock both the visionary side and the nitty gritty? 
  • Ready for someone committed to fundamentally changing the way business is done for a more just, peaceful world?

Fabulous, because I’m your person.

I’m known for making the complex pieces of doing good through a business simple…and doing it with an eye on what the future holds for entrepreneurs.  Your audience will get the information they want and need, delivered in a way that makes it a fun, engaging experience…rather than just another lecture.

What does the future hold?  I know that the world will be a better place once business is done with soul, and because of this, my speaking events and workshops revolve around entrepreneurs growing a business that Does Awesome by Doing Good…specifically, how incorporating Purpose, People, Planet, and Prosperity are the Future of rock star businesses.


“I could not have asked for better. “

Working with Julia was easy and reassuring.  Her communication back to me was not only timely but she understood my needs as a speaker and what I wanted communicated to the group.  And when she was not clear, she asked the right questions…so in other words, we were always on the same page.

The women in the audience loved everything Julia had to say and many commented that Julia’s insight and approach was “refreshing”. Many women felt empowered when they left and were ready to employ Julia’s words of wisdom the next day.

I could not have asked for better.”

    Margey Lowery, Owner, Ladies Who Launch Cleveland



“Bring her in to whatever you do.  I am sure you will not only get great results, but you will be learning and laughing a TON too!”

“I had the extreme pleasure of working with Julia on the first-ever (but not the last!) Evolving + Emerging Economies Jam, a program hosted by the organization I direct, YES!. Over the course of a year of preparations and organizing, and then on-site facilitation and debriefing, Julia brought brilliance, consistency, humor, insight and just pure joy to our team. She has a gift for lifting peoples’ spirits and bringing out the best in them, while, simultaneously, sharing herself with vulnerability and grace.

Bring her in to whatever you do! I am sure you will not only get great results, but you will be learning and laughing a TON too. And isn’t that how all the best transformation happens?”

     Shilpa Jain, Executive Director of YES!World, www.yesworld.org




If you are looking to interview me or have me speak with your group, here is a list of favorites that get the crowd going:

Signature Series- Can be a modified from a one hour talk to a full day workshop.

     “Do Awesome by Doing Good:  It’s Not What You Do, It’s How You Do It”

From this one you and your people will get:

  • My 4xP Approach to doing business in a new way that adds to your bottom line and allows you to sleep easy (cause the old way just ain’t workin’).
  • The nitty on how to let the world know the good stuff you do…without being labled a “socialist.”
  • The easiest strategy to rock the Doing Good part when you’re freaked out about the bottom line.
  • The bottom line goal that can change your business from being a source of constant stress to being a source for constant inspiration and renewal.


Nitty Gritty series- Can be a modified from a one hour talk to a full day workshop.

     “Messages That Matter: Create a Major Movement & a Kickass Tribe”

     From this one you and your people will get:

  • Clarity about what it is you really have to say and stand for.
  • A solid foundation for your business to flourish in a way that feels fabulous rather than icky.
  • How to say it so it dramatically affects your bottom line!
  • How your message differs from your Motto…and what each does for you.


*Note-All of my programs include time for live coaching and/or Q&A.  I want your tribe to get the most out of our time together, and I believe that happens best when we get to interact.

If you’re interested in a custom experience, just let me know.  I love putting together classes and talks for a specific audience, so bring it on!



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Looking forward to helping you create something fabulous for your people!

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