A Message from Julia

When I was setting up this business, I couldn’t help but feel sick with how the institution of business had completely drifted from its origins.  One of the oldest words for company in Sweden translates as “nourishment for life.”  Looking around, it was clear to me that business had lost its soul, let alone the capacity to nourish life.

I hated the marketing hype.  I hate the way it propagates a culture that wants more and more and more.  It’s insatiable.  And it created businesses that were insatiable, spiraling downwards in an endless loop.  There is no heart.  No connection to the people.

I wanted to build my business knowing that enough would be Enough.  That working 25 hours a week would be the perfect amount so I could play, hike, nap, read, be with my family and friends and still make the difference I am here to make.

I wanted to know that, not only was I changing the lives of my clients, but I was changing the world because of How I ran my business.

I wanted to feel like my marketing and sales were driven by service, by a commitment to what my clients truly need, and what I can honestly and joyfully deliver.

I want to know that I am not over-using resources and that I’m replenishing the ones I do use.

I wanted to do all this without being labeled naive.  Without being written off as a socialist.  And with making a healthy profit that I could live abundantly and share.

Few were teaching it and even fewer to solo-entrepreneurs.

So I am.

It was the financial meltdown that created so many entrepreneurs whose faith in the system and stability has been shattered.  Whose family values were trampled.  Who deserve much more than the “American Dream.”

You deserve Your dream.  You deserve to be living comfortably and to feel fulfilled.  To feel proud.  To feel whole.

This is why I coach.  This is what makes me different.  This is what you deserve.


Wait, were you just looking for some fun facts rather than a Manifesto?  Well, I’ve got that for you too!

A few interesting (or just plain fabulous) things I’ve seen and done over the years:

  • I biked around Nova Scotia twice and did the AIDS Lifecycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles, 565 miles in 7 days.  Love riding.
  • I run half marathons every summer as an excuse to train.
  • I played rugby in college.  Lots of bruises.
  • I have relatives in South Africa, England, and Dubai. (Yes, I visit!)
  • I took a year off after high school and backpacked alone throughout Europe for 5 months:  I paraglided off a mountain over the beach at Olu Deniz, Turkey; I climbed Ben Nevis in Scotland (where Braveheart was filmed); watched the sun rise on a ferry through the Greek isles; and learned to say “thank you” and “please” in almost every language I could.  Most importantly, I learned that following the path everyone else was on was not exactly my thing.
  • I took a semester off during college and backpacked alone again in Southeast Asia for 6months. I learned to speak Thai in Bangkok, to cook excellent Thai food in Chiang Mai, got into a motorcycle accident in Cambodia, bungee jumped in Laos, scuba dived with whale sharks, and lived for a time in a Buddhist forest monastery.
  • I returned to Asia for 4 months after graduating from college, this time going to India, Nepal, Thailand and Laos (one of my favorite countries)…get the feeling that I like being on the road in fabulous new places?!
  • One of my life goals is at least one international trip a year. It’s been going quite well so far.
  • I grew up without a TV and have never owned one in my life…but I have to admit, I do love watching movies on the computer.

My journey to coaching Do-Gooding entrepreneurs was a wind-y one, but worth every minute.

1) Outdoor Adventure Leader – In college I led teenagers on 26 day and 15 day trips of backpacking, biking, kayaking, etc. I loved helping these “leaders-in-the-rough” overcome what seemed impossible (biking 100 miles in a day, rock climbing while dangling over the ocean). My troops went home empowered and ready to take on the world.

2) Desk Jockey – With a degree in architecture from the University of Michigan, I went to work as a designer in Oakland, CA. I love design, especially sustainable design, but office life wasn’t for me. I also realized that I wasn’t making an impact—especially on people—the way I wanted to.

3) Healing Arts – I took up massage therapy because I wanted to learn alternative methods for healing physical and emotional pain (versus taking pills or surgery). I love bodywork and still practice it, but again, I felt I wasn’t making a big enough impact. Clients would return week after week with the same issues.

4) Coach to Do-Gooding Entrepreneurs– I came to coaching because I love seeing the fire in someone’s eyes once they realize what baggage they get to let go of, who they really are, what they want to be doing with their life, and their potential to make a HUGE positive impact.

By creating a solid foundation for your business, I know that I am helping you make your passion and your vision a reality.  Really a win-win for everyone, as you get to make a good living doing something you truly believe in and I get to change the world vicariously through your amazing work.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the very well respected CTI, but I continue my “training” every single day. I read copious amounts on business, leadership, communication and manifestation. I meditate daily for 45-60 minutes. I am in relationship with other leaders and entrepreneurs striving to do great work. And I’m continuously incorporating fresh wisdom into my coaching process.  I love this stuff.

My clients don’t just dream big, they’re determined to LIVE BIG.

You know that talking isn’t enough. You thirst for meaning and action and change. You want to make a contribution. You stand for something!!

To see clients’ passion come into focus and spring to life is WHY I coach. My blessing is the ability to help Do-Gooding entrepreneurs like you find your inner strength and power so you can create a thriving business that supports you and changes lives!

I’m not only interested in helping you succeed. I’m deeply COMMITTED.  How about you?

I can’t wait to meet you.

Your Coach,

Julia Kious Zabell

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