A short ritual to bring in the New Year…

Just wanted to share a short n’ sweet ritual to bring the new year in…a way to make a clean break from this past year and move into the new year fresh and residual free.

My house celebrates Chanukkah, Christmas, and Solstice…all celebrations in one way or another of the Light in the world.

This makes for an incredibly powerful time to look at what needs lightness in your life, both in weight as well as in wonder.

Ask yourself…

  • “Where were things dark and heavy in this past year?”
  • “What do I deeply need to acknowledge in order to allow those places to feel light?”
  • “Where do I particularly want the light to shine in this coming year?”
  • and, “Who do I need to be so I can recognize and honor the light as well as the dark?”

Once you feel like you’ve explored these questions in their fullness, have yourself a little ceremony.

Stand in the dark, feel it’s power, hold the truths there as useful and an important part of transition. When you feel ready, light a candle to invite the glow, the joy, the love to re-enter all of those spots that need them.

And that’s it.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, meditate on what your personal theme is for the coming year…A simple inquiry into your heart does the trick. Trust the message that comes and hold it dear as the new year unfolds. I have always gotten something I didn’t fully understand at the time until the close of the year…and have always been amazed at how badly that message needed to be heard.

Many blessings, much love, and all the wisdom the light and dark have to offer!

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