Your Path to World Domination

World Domination

Just attended the amazing World Domination Summit in Portland and amidst the raving reviews, I am hearing a low level grumble.  So then I spent some time with my network and could hear more of those same grumblings…And it’s time it got addressed.

The big thing I hear is frustration.  Frustration coming from being ultra inspired to Change the World at the same time as not knowing what the next small step should be.

Hearing all of this tells me that people aren’t tapped into 2 very important things:

#1  The outcome of their personal World Domination and

#2  Their own path to attain it.

Let’s play, one at a time….

#1- The outcome of your World Domination.  What the hell will happen in the world if you are 100% victorious?  If your vision becomes reality?  If you Dominate the World?

Do you know?  Are you clear about it?  Does it light your engine to even think about it?!

If you’re feeling lost and frustrated, then perhaps a World Domination tune up is in order…

Spend some time alone and write.  Or with somebody you trust implicitly who can hear you (either method works).  And now, spill.

Spill about what the world will be like when you are the World Dominator, best possible scenario.  Spill about what the lives of those you serve will look like.  About how the world will be changed and be a better place because of you and your work.

This is no time to play small…this is the time to dream BIG.  To make a play for World Peace.  To lay all your cards (and your heart) on the table.  This is your perfect world….no judgement, no erasing.

Whew…Are you feelin’ less frustrated being tapped into your World Domination Vision?  Yes?  Then go out and start rocking.  No?  Then read on, my friend.

#2- Now here’s the big piece….The business itself doesn’t matter as much as How you run it.

You read that right.

Everybody is so inspired to change the world (which I love!!), but so many only think it will happen because of What their business does.

Chris Brogan said something that has been spinning through my head…”It’s not what you say, but what you do.”  And I have to say that he got it only partially right.

It’s not what you say, but what you do…

AND it’s not what you do, but how you do it.

It’s How you run your business, not What the business does, that will create change.  Stop thinking that you need to start a charity in order to do good or give up the work you’ve already done in the business you have.

Yes, you can be a graphic designer AND change the world!

Need some examples of the How that creates the change in the world you’re after?

How about donating time and services to a non-profit that floats your spiritual boat.  Or consciously using fewer and more sustainable resources (Local.  So hot right now).  What about making sure your gift certificates never expire, ever.  And choosing partnerships based on the values you share and the value they provide rather than just a fit of services.

Once you start looking at your business operations through the 4xP lens (purpose+people+planet=prosperity), you’ll be able to find new ways to continually serve your people in a way that creates fundamental change.

This may be the less sexy How that people lose sight of when setting out to change the world because the What of the business feels all-consuming.  If you’ve got a hot purpose to your business, great…that’s whipped cream in addition to hot fudge on your ice cream.

But you don’t need to create an entire business based around doing good in order to Do Good.

It’s How you do that thing you do that really and truly matters.

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