How Far Will You Go?

How Far Will You Go?

You say you really want It.  You tell me that having It will change your life, the lives of all those around you, the world.  You say you’re doing everything you could possibly do to get it.

But, is that true?

Imagine It is literally behind a locked door.  It is waiting for you.  What are your options to get through that door?  Have you really, truly, gut-ly done everything?

  • Have you called the locksmith?  Repeatedly?
  • Have you taken some swings with an ax?
  • Have you knocked?
  • Did you try the handle?
  • How about some fire? 
  • Could a friend help?
  • Is there a window somewhere else?
  • Have you sat down and waited for it to open for you?
  • What about cutting a hole in the wall or floor or ceiling?

Your vision for what the world will be like because of you and your business is on the other side of that door.

It is waiting.  It is humming.  It is doing Its nails.

What will you do to get in there?

And, if you truly believe that you’ve done everything possible… 

If you can’t even sit down and brainstorm…

If you won’t get some help to create your plan… 

If the blinders are on that say you’ve done all you can…

Well then, throw in the towel.  Sorry to say, but you’re screwed.

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