Control vs Power

Control versus Power

For all y’all believers that know the Universe is waiting to knock your socks off, I’ve got a little memo…The Universe gets a little tired when you spend all your time trying to exert control over the outcome of a situation.

(Well, the Universe actually thinks it is quite quaint, but is just getting tired of holding on to the hot sauce it has in store for you…so wants you to friggin stop it.)

You have no control.  You do not get to decide or plan your way into abundance and awesome-ness.

What you do have is power.  Unlimited, gorgeous, bountiful, golden power.  You have it up your sleeves and in your mouth.  In your introductions and in your silence.

You have all the power you will ever need to do anything you can dream of.

You just don’t have control in how you’ll get there.

So…if you find yourself bitching at the Universe because it isn’t delivering on the awesome-sauce, then sit back and notice if you’re trying to control the delivery.

Also notice that you taking up the bitch flag means you’ve put down your get-shit-done shovel (which happens to be the main implementor of Power.)

Letting go of your control is a Being thing…You have to feel it inside, live it, practice it.  It’s a faith walk.

Holding on to your power is a Doing thing…You have to grasp it, see it, believe it and ACT as if nothing could ever hold you back….

Because in fact, the only thing that will truly hold you back are your control issues.

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