Building Your Biz With Buds

Building Your Biz With Buds

(And no, I am not talking about beer).

Let’s talk a little bit about relationships.  Sure, the old adage that “Business is all about relationships” could apply, but I won’t throw cliches at you today.

I want to talk about building the “right” relationships. 

And those “right relationships” are the ones that can boost your business beyond where it currently is in a way that feels hella good and unicorn-y.

They’re the ones where you love the person, love what they offer and can’t wait to share it with the world…and vice versa.

AND, here’s my favorite part, so pay attention:

You can serve your people WAY better with friends than if you pretend you’re the end-all be-all.

Get that?

Think about it…You’re a friggin genius in certain areas.  That’s a great foundation.  But, in order to get your clients from A-Z (where they BIG PICTURE want to be), you simply cannot rock all 26 steps.

Maybe you rock C-G.  So, in order to truly serve them, start making relationships with the A-C’ers and the G-Z’ers.

(I rec starting with the A-C’ers….then they’re ready for your service that much quicker.  Just a thought.)

So, the To-Do:

Make a list of services your clients need to have gone through before they can get to you and your services.  (I’m not talking names of people, just the services).

Then make a list of services they need either concurrently or after they have worked with you.

These are the stars you want to have perky ears about and reach out and connect with.  If there’s a fit on all levels, then see where the relationship will take you and your business!

Now go forth and love some people up in the name of your business.

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