You Are Your Own Best Strategy

You are Your Own Best Strategy

Still looking for a magic pill that’ll sprout your business into a tree in about 3 months?

Spending tons of time looking at other people’s business and trying to figure out how exactly they put it all together?

Are you looking around thinking, “Does anyone else think like me?”

Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret that the rockin-est business leaders know…

You are your own best strategy.  You are your own road map. 

You are, in fact, a mad scientist who believes in something and will science-it-up until it has been created.

Let’s look at this a little more…

As a rock star do-gooder, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there aren’t too many people out there doing things the way you want them to be done.

Perhaps the lack of soul is a little glaring?  Maybe your gag-reflex for all the “blueprints” and “maps” is getting triggered a bit too much….

Chances are great that you’ve tried on a few other “3 step systems” only to find that what worked for them doesn’t necessarily work for you…nor does it feel like a fit.  And certainly not a friggin glove.  (Well, maybe a boxing glove that is kicking your butt…)

Anyways, the thing about all the tidy systems, maps, blueprints and what not is that they aren’t a one size fits all kinda thing.  Often, they work for a few people who are madly aligned with the person doing the teaching, but not for everyone else….

Why is that?

Let me tell you why (so you don’t have to keep scratching your head….)

Because you are totally, 100%, hot-sauce, hella unique.

I can’t even tell you how unique you are.  How did you like your 5th grade gym class?  What’s your favorite author?  What do you do in your down time that curls your toes with glee?  What was your last job that you hated?  And what makes you go ape-sh** when you think about your industry?

Every single person answers those questions differently…and yes, the answers all play out in your business.  By embracing them all.  By making them a part of the plan, you are setting yourself up for a business that cannot be replicated.

That can lead instead of follow.

But, in order to do that, you have to try some things out.  And I’m not talking dipping toes here.  I’m talking jump in, see what temperature the water is and then re-calibrate.

I’m talking, if you want your business to truly have an effect on your people, your industry, your world, then you’ve got to make some waves.

You’ve got to do the un-done.  Write the song.  Create your own effin’ map. 

Otherwise, you’re just following in the footsteps towards an end point that might not even fit you once you  get there.  And having one hell of a crappy time doing it.

So, how do you do it?

By recognizing that your business is your petri dish (going with the mad scientist theme…)

For it to be a successful petri dish (ie teeming with life), you’ve got to be willing to get messy and juicy and ALIVE.

To get cultured and nourished and resurrected beyond expectations when sh** has gone south.

To tenderly love the hell out of it by feeding it what it wants, craves, and needs.

And this isn’t always a pretty process.  There will be a few spills, and few wrong turns….BUT in the end, if you keep at it and pay attention, you’re gonna have one over-flowing, gorgeous petri dish and you’ll feel like one very proud mad scientist.

Nobel prizes await.

As do people craving your awesome-sauce.

Now get out there and play in your own petri dish.


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