It’s a Decision…

“It’s not a process…It’s a decision.”  Andrea J Lee

This has to be one of my favorite take away’s from my latest trips.  There are so many places and times in my life where I expected things to get easier, to become more clear, of their own accord.

Like I could just wait it out and voila…no more frustration, no more struggle.

And while not all things should be forced, there were many times I played too small and too safe because I believed that something would happen to make it all easier…and I see this wayyyyy too often with my people.

Well, 92.96% of the time, waiting for the process means that nothing happens. 

Nothing can make things easier.  Nothing makes things more clear.  Nothing moves.  Which also means, you’re in neutral, or worse, sliding backwards down that hill.

How much time are you willing to spend in that space….waiting for the perfect moment?

In reality, that perfect moment is here, now, at all times.

It starts with a decision.  As soon as you decide just one thing, moving forward becomes a breeze, a pleasure.  The next step after that decision becomes clear….but only if you take the first step.

Where are you waiting for the process to unfold, when instead a decision is what is being asked for?

What will you decide?

Cause I’ll tell ya, the only “easy” you’ll get is the path after you make that first decision.

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