Asking For It

 ”Are you asking for the business?”

I remember the first time one of my mentors asked me this question two years ago.  My response?  “Of course I’m asking for it….They know I do coaching.  They know I have the Square 1 Rules webinar running.  They can find out about the Happy Hours.  It’s all on my website.  Why would I have to shove it in their face?”

Then, once my defensive, “I hate marketing” session ended, it dawned on me…Oh my god.  I wasn’t asking.  No wonder my sales were sucking and I couldn’t get a steady stream of income.  I hadn’t even been asking for the business.

And, I’m willing to bet that you’re not asking either….

Let’s get into a metaphor…and of course it shall be food related.

Imagine you’re in an amazing restaurant.  You know you love the food and are super hungry for just about anything.  You read the menu and are salivating because you know whatever you order will hit the spot perfectly.  You even know what you want to order…but then the server never comes around to ask what you’d like.

Seriously?  Would you stay sitting there, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for somebody to even ask you what you want?

Hells no.  Who wants bad service?  Who wants to be teased?!  Your gorgeous potential customers and clients didn’t sign on to your list to get teased, and they certainly didn’t get on board for bad service.

“But, how the hell do you ask?” you may say.

Well, it’s not that different than the server in the restaurant…”What would you like to order?”  Simple enough, right?

Allow them to let you know they’re hungry.  Allow them to tell you exactly what they want.

And, just as in restaurants, you might have a special of the day…something you LOVE making and would love to sell more of, because you know your guests will love it.  That might sound like, “I’ve got this fabulous new program I think would be perfect for you, would you like to try it?”

Not painful, right?

You can ask via email.  Your newsletter.  Send a post card.  Heck, you could even pick up the phone and ask them personally.

Just make sure that you’re asking for it!


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