Getting Out of the Old and Into the New


Closing out one year (in all it’s messy and gorgeous glory) can actually take some conscious thought. I mean, there is always some psychic baggage around the things that didn’t quite go as you would have liked as well as overlooking the things that went great!

So, here’s a little somethin’ for you to get clean and clear of 2011 and move into 2012, ready for great-ness!

First, we need to start with the baggage that will hold you back if not properly dealt with. 

(Cause, if we head straight to the good stuff, your mind won’t allow you to see it cause some ick will be in the way!)

Make a list of all the things you’re bummed about not having happened.  This can be (well, should be, but I don’t like shoulding all over you) both personal as well as business stuff.

Want some examples?  These are some common ones:

  • I never once got my newsletter put together.
  • I did not get even close to the income I would have liked.
  • My hubby/wife wants to kill me with how much time I spend working.
  • I didn’t get to the gym 5 days a week.
  • My stack of books to read is just as big as this time last year….not because new ones were added.
  • I still don’t know what the hell Julia means when she talks about getting centered.
  • I have no idea how people cook a dinner AND work.  Just doesn’t seem possible.

I think you get the idea, right?!  Get them all out.  Bitch, whine, cry…but keep on writing.

When you feel like the list is exhausted (and you too), then you can take a moment to breath and contemplate.

Read over that list and with each entry ask yourself these questions:

  • What about this makes me so upset?
  • Is this really something I want?
  • How can I plan for this to happen in 2012?

Now, take the ones you’d like to have happen in 2012 (might be all of them, might be just a few) and put them in order of importance to you…the ones that are very important (they make your heart feel light and hopeful) go at the top, and the lesser this-would-be-nice ones go at the bottom.

Congrats!  You now have a list of things to play with in the New Year!  Start with #1 and incorporate it into your schedule for at least 30 days until it’s a habit.  Then add others as you like.

Whew…so now you have a list of Power Items (no longer dead-weight-regrets) for the New Year.

Now on to the fun part!

And, if you’re tempted to head straight to this part before doing the above, I’m gonna say, DON’T!

Like I said, you have to clear the ick out of your view, but you also need to be clear about what this last year truly held in order to grow from it.  While I DO believe that there is a lot of fun and party in starting a business, there also must be clarity about strengths and weaknesses.  So please do it in order.  It’s for your own good.

Make a list of all the things that went right!  The things you ROCKED in 2011 and feel great about!  Though I hope you don’t need examples, here are a few just in case!

  • I told my friends and family that I was starting a business!
  • I set things up to quit my job!
  • I got my logo designed!
  • I went on a walk at least twice a week!
  • I read that juicy book rather than working!
  • My “list” has 3 people on it NOT related to me!
  • I got my niche nailed down!
  • I got my first full paying client!

These are mini-celebrations, each and every one!  Now, go through and ask yourself these questions:

  • What about this makes me so happy?
  • Is this something I want to continue?
  • How can I plan for more of this to happen in 2012?

Now you have more Power Items, but ones that are more likely habits already.  Just be sure you celebrate them every time you accomplish one.

I hope you can see.  This isn’t about making resolutions so much as having revelations.  How far did you really come?  Where were you more hung up than you’d like?  What will you do to make this coming year the BOMB?!

Happy new year.  Happy new you.  Happy old you realizing that the new you was the real you all along…and just waiting to come out and play.

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