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So, everyone would love for you to believe that simply believing in yourself and wanting something badly enough will make it manifest.  Wah, wah, waaaah.

Hate to burst your bubble, but if you haven’t gotten this memo yet, Listen Up:

Believing and wanting something is a good start, but it ain’t nothing till you actually start taking action.

That’s right.   Action, movement, running, walking, crawling, skipping.  You’ve got to be doing something more than crossing your fingers for your business to get to the place you want it to be.

So, you’ve got the vision.  Score.  Now it’s time for the big moves where you step into it.  This tends to require getting way-the-hell-out of your comfort zone and doing things you might not normally do…

So, how do you know where to head?  What actions to actually put your energy into?

First, you’ve got to get a handle on the business side of things…how to run one, what things to check off the to-do list, how to get clients, etc.  That is a long list and an entire course, so I’ll focus on giving you a speedy-short cut.  (Much more fun).

Gut Check.

Whenever I’m bout ready to take a new action (contact a new potential partner, unexpectedly sign up for a conference two weeks after the last one, invest with an uber-coach) I STOP and do a little check in.  No rushing into anything (which is a hard one for me cause I get all sorts of excited.)  I ask myself this one question:

“Is this coming from a place of Divine Inspiration or is it coming from a place of fear?”

You see, those actions that come from Divine Inspiration are the ones most aligned with my heart.  Most aligned with the work I am meant to be doing in this world.  Most aligned with my Purpose.  These are the ones, that if they come to fruition, will bring me the most fulfillment and success in the highest way (you know, the spiritual kind of success, though often they lead to financial rewards because they are TRUE and real.)

Actions you take out of fear are gonna suck you dry.  Not to mention, that sludge-ish energy will drag into the action, slow you down and repel other people around you.  No fun.  No success on spiritual gain.  No business moving forward.

Example….When I first started my biz, I was trying to reach out to other coaches who seemed to be doing great and resonated with me on a spiritual plane.  The ones that I reached out to because I felt I “had to know them” fell totally flat (I think I may have even repelled a few….embaressing.)

The ones I reached out to because I just “felt” or “knew” that I was meant to know them somehow ended up creating real bonds and affection that have carried me into a greater place in my business.

Now, I’m not saying that just because it’s Divinely Inspired it’ll go smooth as silk….but the outcomes when they do go that smooth will be all the greater in both your personal fulfillment and in your business.

So here’s the tip:  When you find yourself ready to take some steps, do the Gut Check.  When you find yourself in that space of Divine Inspiration, ACT.  And do it with a smile, honesty, and integrity.

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