Social Media…Yes, you need to get on that

Social Media.  It’s seriously everywhere and everyone seems to be telling me I HAVE to do it.  For a girl who only started checking Facebook recently and one who HATES the superficial nature of Twitter, I had been super resistant to joining the frenzy.  It feels vacuous.  Where is the personal touch?  How do you truly connect with somebody on the other side of the screen?

Well, having had a few great things happen that would have been IMPOSSIBLE before social media, I am here to tell you to buck up and get on it because it changes who you work with and who you’re friends with. 

Here’s what happened.

  • I had a woman I had never met before join one of my online classes from Amsterdam.  And then, one from Spain.  Then Australia.  And South Africa.  (You get the point).  These people came to me from the networks I belong to ONLINE.  Yes, I am super happy with all my American and Canadian fans, but I really love knowing that I am working with people from all over.  While I know a lot of people all over the world, I KNOW that these people would not have joined me had I not been in a shared network.
  • At Lisa Sasevich’s Speak to Sell event in San Diego, I ran into a woman I had only connected with online, Kim Kirmmse Toth.  Seriously, I had seen her all over the online forums for coaching (she works with women over 50 ready to start a new biz) and had just started associating her with excellent comments and energy, so I was super excited to introduce myself and connect in person with her.  Now, had I not seen her online so damned much, I would have had no idea who she was or what she did.  As we already had some of the background leg work done, I felt like we could connect really deeply, really quickly. 

So, what do these events tell you about social media being important? 

People hire people, right?  And, they are more likely to work with ones they trust or know in some way.  We like being connected, even if it is just virtually.

Social media becomes an avenue for us to develop relationships with others…some become clients, some become friends and allies.  Both of which are crucial to having a business succeed. 

It opens up your potential pool of clients and allies to the world (millions of people) rather than just your pool of people you can meet locally.  Can you see the power in that?!

Not to mention, how many networking events can you do on your own schedule and in your yoga gear? 

So, for those who are still resisting social media, here is the big thing to look at.

What is it you are resisting? 

If you are like me, then it is the idea that social media is impersonal.  So, make it more personal.  I take the time to personally connect with people on Twitter or LinkedIn.  I write personalized notes and always try to include a note on something I see we have in common.  Not the most effective in terms of time it takes (automate as much as possible), but it makes me feel like each connection is an actual connection, rather than a number in my profile.

If you are resisting the “tech” side of it, then find a class where you can learn the basics while being supported.  Ignorance is not bliss in this one.

Is there something else holding you back?  Are you worried you’ll get too big?  That there might be too much success on the other side that you can’t handle?  Grab your coach and work on it. 

Your next best client or friend is much closer than you think.

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