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“Be a first rate version of yourself,

not a second rate version of someone else.”

Judy Garland

How does creating a brand actually change your business?  How does being yourself actually create a brand?

Basically, Judy had it right.  When you are being yourself, the people you work best with, the friends who “get” you the most, the love of your friggin life comes along.  This is the person and the persona that you need to be putting into the world…and it is the brand behind your business. 

Having that brand makes it so the people that are truly meant to work with you recognize you right away…just from looking at your website.  Hearing you talk.  Reading your thoughts.  They recognize they are the Who that you are talking to.

Many entrepreneurs & visionaries get nervous about presenting the “real” version of themselves.  What if it is too narrow?  What if nobody likes me?  What if I bomb?

Well, if the face and personality of your business is not the “real you,” then who is it?  Either it is a really generic version of plain or it is trying to be somebody you are not.  Either way, you are attracting clients that you are not truly meant to work with and let’s face it, ones you don’t like working with either.  

That is if you are attracting clients at all…many times, people can sniff out fake without being able to put a finger on what feels wrong about you.

The benefit to having your brand down pat, in control, and totally authentic comes in the form of awesome clients excited to work with you.  These are clients that leave you feeling better at the end of a session than you felt before it. 

Not to mention, it also means more business.  Like I said, when you are generic, you don’t actually resonate with anyone.  It is much more difficult to get any clients if they simply are not interested in you.

Last weekend, I spent two days trying to get some video recorded for my website and for my new product launch (, which ended up as a total disaster.  The first day, I had tons of make up on, had professional lights, an HD camera, and was so damned serious about it all…My husband burst into laughter upon seeing that set of videos because it was SO not me (which did not go over well since I had spent the day agonizing over the damned camera!)  Even the second day, I was much more loose, more myself, but it just wasn’t real.  Finally, I was playing around with my new computer’s web cam and got the best clips…me speaking gibberish about how messy my office was.  Who knew that it would take such work to be yourself?!

But it does.  And it isn’t work in the traditional sense.  It is work in the way that getting rid of ego can be.  It is a challenge in the way that committing to your business 100% is. 

Your brand is your business.  Your heart is your brand.  Therefore, your heart is your business.  And it needs to show.

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