Work Revolution

What I love is the universal truth that almost all generations have to butt heads with their parents’ generation in some form.  Our parents know the path that was before them, not necessarily the world and path that is in front of us.

The need to figure out what to do with our lives comes from the combination of a lack of exposure to the myriad of options, but also to the realization that the old model (work your butt off in school, get “the “job”, work there for at least a decade with a clear ladder to climb, climb said ladder and then move on) is no longer around.  Company loyalty and stability is not so steady, but we also are less interested in being anywhere long term.

The spirit of our generation is more adventuresome, more independent, more interested in using our work to define our values, more entrepreneurial.  I totally think we will be part of a revolution changing the way America works and am excited to see when it will get started (I am starting my own personal revolution now)!

(Written in response to the fabulous party that is Road Trip Nation)

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