Do You Meditate?

One of the best ways to gain clarity is being more present and aware….Aware of your thoughts, your emotions, your body as you move through the world.  Each little piece of information you gather helps you understand what is truly important to you, as well as what you want to leave behind.  Gaining this awareness can come from many different places: a yoga practice, long walks in nature, playing an instrument, writing, or a meditation practice.  However you can gain more insight into yourself, that is what you need to be doing.

Also, pay attention to any resistance you have to this.  Are you resistant to the words “meditation” or “yoga” and passing them off as cliche? If yes, then get over it!  You do not have to do either of those particular practices to practice mindfulness.  If you are resistant to doing any of this, also, think why.  Is it because you do not want to have to face what is going on inside?  That is actually a common response, so be patient with yourself and ask yourself which is more important : living your life consciously and feeling alive or allowing fear to keep you where you are?

If you are interested in hearing about meditation, the different types, what it really entails, then listen to this episode of the Diane Rehm Show.  It is a great introduction if you are unfamiliar with meditation, but also an interesting discussion on why and how it is useful.  It is 51 minutes, so be sure to give yourself some time!!!

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